Federal Client: Case Management Application

Federal Client: Case Management Application

A US Government Agency Redesigned a Case Management Application with Improved User Experience and Higher Customer Satisfaction.


  1. Our Impact
  • 40%reduction in development time
  • Highercustomer satisfaction, delight, and loyalty
  1. Business Challenge

A US federal civilian agency needed migration of their client-server case management software to a web-based solution in a very short span of time. The existing software was developed in legacy platforms and they wanted to modernize it by building an efficient responsive web application to meet their customers’ demands. The client’s internal team has little to no experience in UX practices and processes, as well, making the transition to modernized application and design doubly daunting.

  1. Solution Highlights

Infomatics is tasked with creating an updated customer portal experience that would engage and please users while laying the groundwork for a UX/UI process that could be replicated and used as a template for existing and future projects. Our team compared industry leading JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, jQuery, Kendo UI for the development effort and recommended the use of Angular and React.js for its development framework for web products. The migration was accomplished in a compressed time frame, and Infomatics also helped reduce the product’s maintenance bandwidth from a long-term perspective using the open source JavaScript libraries.

  1. The Process

Our team worked with the business stakeholders to capture requirements. Based on the input from stakeholders and business users our team devised a detailed plan that laid out a new UX-based workflow. The plan defined each task, the team members that needed to be involved, and what the deliverable at each step would entail. The general flow involved vision boards, remote and in-person research, competitor and heuristic analysis, 508 and A11Y analysis of both current and future states, personas and empathy maps, MVP and user story generation, card sorting, site maps, user and task flows, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, design system generation, evaluation research, and setting up a proper workflow and handshake with the various development teams.

  1. Our Team

Our consultants provided expertise in UX design and technology that was missing from the client’s internal team before the project began. The client was able to quickly add a team member with deep domain expertise to the in-office team shortly after engaging Intertech, without having to search for, hire, and retain full-time UX talent. As a result of Informatics planning and repository building, current and future products and services can now offer levels of support and experience that were previously lacking.

  1. Tools & Technologies

Angular, bootstrap,React.js and Node.js with Mongodb