Healthcare Client: DevOps & Agile

Healthcare Client: DevOps & Agile

US Healthcare Payer Improves Service Quality and Saves $2M by leveraging Agile & DevOps


  1. Our Impact

The Infomatics Agile and DevOps solution enhanced agility by reducing release cycle time from 12 weeks to 3-4 weeks (for 2 LoBs), optimized cost, and improved service quality and reliability by 25%, achieving savings of US $2M.

  • 8weeks reduced release cycle time (from 12 weeks to 3-4 weeks)
  • 25%improved service quality and reliability
  • $2MUS savings
  1. Business Challenge

A leading US healthcare payer with a large IT structure wanted to adopt agile and DevOps practices to gain true business value through faster feature releases, better service quality and cost optimization.

  1. Solution Highlights

Infomatics leveraged Agile transformation approach to deliver a solution that transformed the process and technology approach that consisted of:

  1. The Process
  • Agile & DevOps Maturity Assessment and Transformation Roadmap creation
  • Implementation of Scrum & Kanban practices, leveraging our Agile transformation framework
  • Streamlining change & release management process, using lean Agile practices
  • Defining and implementing guiding principles for service management activities
  1. Our Team
  • Large scale enablement of IT staff on Agile & DevOps through focused training sessions on Agile practices & DevOps tooling
  • Dedicated Agile coaching for teams across lines of businesses (LoBs), including key business stakeholders
  • Facilitating re-organization of project teams into ‘Agile Pods’, bringing about greater collaboration across different functional groups
  1. Tools & Technologies
  • Orchestration of various DevOps practices (like build automation, continuous integration, QA automation, release, deployment automation) using a variety of tools and establishing the CI/CD pipelines for different technologies.

Application Teams across various technologies – Pega, Java, .net, Mainframe, Big Data and few niche COTs products, got enabled on the Agile & DevOps ways of working