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Electronic Forms Automation: Transition from Paper to Digital

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We have found that successful ERM implementations need to focus on three areas: Compliance, Searchability of Records, and Ease of Capture. We provide compliant solutions that allow effective and fast discovery of official records designed around simple approaches to capturing records with as little as “zero clicks” from the user. We provide consulting services that identify the most practical options for records management integration including major enterprise content management systems. We are committed to work with your team to build an integration to ensure optimal functionality, performance and user experience.

Record Management System (RMS)

Our Record Management System includes search engines to locate records based on various parameter, including keywords that most accurately pull desired results. Our search functionality includes some of the best methods and practices in the market to minimize time and increase efficiency. Our RMS allows for users to seamlessly upload documents, edit those documents, collect secure signatures, share those with different users, and even mail documents to people outside and organization with various edit settings and rights, all while maintaining speed and security that exceeds federal standards.

Case background

The Federal Government spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of hours annually to create, use, and store Federal records in analog (paper and other non-electronic) formats. Maintaining large volumes of analog records requires dedicated resources, management attention, and security investments that should be applied to more effectively managing electronic records. The processes that create analog records increase burden on citizens by requiring them to conduct business with the Government in person or by mail, rather than online, and trap valuable Federal data in paper records where it can only be extracted manually and at great expense.

  • 0MB Memorandum M-12-18, Managing Government Records Directive
  • 0MB Memorandum M-14-16, Guidance on Managing Email.
  • 0MB Memorandum M-19-21, Transition to Electronic Records.

This memorandum directs all Federal agencies to:

  1. Ensure that all Federal records are created, retained, and managed in electronic formats, with appropriate metadata; and
  2. Consistent with records management laws and regulations, develop plans to close agency-operated storage facilities forpaper and other, analog records, and transfer those records to Federal Records Centers operated by NARA or commercial storage facilities.

Electronic Records Management (ERM) also need to take into consideration not only the explosive volume of data and the diversity of content, but also to deal with the increasingly complex compliance and eDiscovery requirements in today’s enterprises. Enterprises today have many different “information repositories” that store potential records that ERM designs need to take into account. The convergence of archiving, records management, and eDiscovery functions requires rationalizing the products and solution choices in cost-effective and efficient manners.

Value Proposition

To help agencies meet those challenges, partners Harris Grant Consulting and Infomatics Corp provide for an end-to-end delivery of the industry’s best-of-breed electronic records solutions. We provide integration services to enable the capture and lifecycle management of electronic (and physical) records.
We work with DOD 5015.2 compliant solutions that allow you to take control of your records. We know that leveraging a consistent approach to ERM across the enterprise is important, but also recognize that an objective of a single master information repository isn’t always the full answer. We have in-depth experience in providing federated records-in-place solutions. For example, within USDA Forest Service, our federated records-in-place solution manages records in their legacy Content DB repository and new SharePoint implementation.
We understand the pace of technological change requires a highly flexible environment that can manage retention and records requirements over time. Our solutions take into consideration the “move-add-change” of records’ repositories, hosting and cloud environments, and the transitive nature of information used in the enterprise.

Solution Description

Harris Grant Consulting and Infomatics Corp provide the following services to help agencies efficiently transition from paper-based records management and non-compliant digital records to fully compliant electronic records management.

eRecords Readiness Assessment

This activity is a series of facilitated meetings, workshops, and interviews with key stakeholders to produce a documented level of eRecords readiness for the agency.

We conduct these sessions with the stakeholders in the three key areas of business, technology, and risk to address: impacts to daily operation, training, and productivity.

Requirements & File Plans

Following a readiness assessment, our team works with the client in identifying client specific requirements necessary to discover records across the agency regardless of their repository.

Vendor Evaluation Support

Harris Grant Consulting and Infomatics Corp have extensive experience in supporting our client in ERM software vendor evaluations. Analysis of all potential systems, and their capability to meet the gathered requirements are all analyzed. We consider all the price-performance characteristics of the selection from leveraging existing software to considering new capital investments and their lifecycle costs.

Integration with Content Repositories

Many records management systems have the capability to connect with third party systems via adapters. We have experience connecting to legacy systems and repositories through customized third party adapters. This allows organizations with enterprise legacy systems to declare records-in-place from both old and new systems.

User Training

We develop customized training for all records managers, administrators, and records creators so that interaction with the system is intuitive and straightforward. This leads to a smoother transition to digital record creation and management.

Management & Support

We provide a full suite of management and support options. This includes Project Management, operational and user support to knowledge transfer and training for sustaining the solution with your own staff.

Why Harris Grant Consulting and Infomatics Corp?

Harris Grant Consulting and Infomatics Corp have a proven understanding of the USDA and its Agencies environments and processes. We have a proven record of delivering real solutions, not shelfware, using tested methodologies specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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