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Families get insurance cost savings in 2021

Infomatics employees are beginning the year 2021 with new insurance plans in their benefits package. Employees will find that these new plans from NationalGeneral provide significant savings for families compared to their previous benefits from Cigna.

“We have significantly reduced costs for family plans,” said Infomatics General Manager Muhammad Saleem, citing a 40 to 50 percent drop in premium prices. “There is no reduction in benefits, though there are savings in costs.”

As always, employees are supported by the dedicated benefits team at ADP. 

For any benefits-related questions, employees can contact the Employee Advocacy Center at employeeadvocacycenter@adp.com or call (855) 322-1237.

Infomatics employees can also use the Allied online portal to manage their healthcare plans. Once employees receive their health insurance ID cards, they can visit www.alliedbenefit.com to create an account. 

An online Allied account will allow employees to access their plan documents, check the status of their claims, view deductible and out-of-pocket status, compare providers and find in-network doctors and hospitals. 

While employees have NationalGeneral insurance plans, Allied administers those plans for Infomatics employees.

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